Guild Stats : 17.06.21


Total Guild fame

823 m

Kill fame (PvP)

1.9 b

PvE Fame




Approved PvPers

Our Allies

Legion of Devout

Ethereal Frontier




Our Allies

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The Elders Night Watch

[FLEE] Avalonian Hunters

Leadership & Officers

Guildleader : Sepharu

Righthand: SlyCactus

Senior Officer: Janito54

Officer: FMUCRambo

Officer: Bquiety

Officer: Chiefen

Officer: Samatato

Officer:  Fe4rI3L4de

Avalonian roads

We roam avalonian roads and will keep challenging the guilds out on our hunting sessions. We never back down from a good fight.

Crystal 5v5/20 v 20

Aiming to do crystals with a set teams.

Fame farm runs

Daily fame farm runs to spec up our weapons


Daily hellgates non-lethal sessions to train and learn new players. 


We own a T7+T5 HO Zone.

[FLEE] (Avalonian Hunters) 

Alliance (Avalonian Hunters) 

The goal for the [FLEE] alliance is to challenge the best PvP guilds in hellgates/Crystals, as well as to be a power on the ava roads. Each guild in the alliance has its role in the dev. of FLEE. TNW will be a "hardcore" small scale PvP while other guilds in our alliance has a "softer" approach so new players get the time to get into the game.
In addition to alliance discord, alliance members will also have access to the main guilds (TNW) discord so we get to know each other.
We have seen that most alliances "die out" as they have no common platform other than alliance discord where only lfg messages appear now and then.
TNW discord acts as a FAQ for new players in the entire allaince regarding newbie questions + builds.

In addition to players, we are also looking for more guilds to join our alliance.

Main PvP guild (TNW)

- High requirements for participation within the guild and mandatory communication via discord
- Specific IP requirements for joining our "hunting sessions"
- No hand-holding when it comes to FF, we require that you figure that out your self
- We strive to challenge everything that breathes and walks in avalonian roads, and we never back down from a good fight.
- We only keep the competent Pvpers in the main guild (those who do not meet our requirements after probationary period will get "disbanded" from the guild). 
- We respect real life over games, but we require you to be relatively active.

< Ava roads (ganking/fame fram/small scale fights in 1350+ IP gear) >
< Fame farm runs (spec up) >
< Crystal League 5 v 5 >
< Hellgates >


Apply :

If you are a casual player or have low fame and just want to try out this game this will be a nice start for you :  

[FLEE] Legendary of Devout : Casual/Chill guild (0% tax)

- Casual guild that will help you FF and just settle down in AO world
- You will have access to the main guild channel if you have specific questions about "builds"
- Opportunity to be recruited to the main guild if you show commitment and a tendency towards development (PvP)
- Weekly ava dung runs for fame buff with the main guild


Apply : 

Alliance has guild islands in every city. 

Twitch Stream :