Our Vision/Strategy

The goal of the [FLEE] alliance is to challenge the best PvP guilds in hellgates / Crystals, as well as to be a fierce power on the avalonian roads. [FLEE] alliance will only consist of 3-5 guilds where each guild has its role in the development of the alliance.


Our main pvp guild and alliance leaders:

[The Elders Night watch]
Guild Leader: Sepharu
Discord: https://discord.gg/RuKmx2YWst


The Elders Night Watch (TNW) will consist of some of the best players in the alliance. TNW is 100% focused on PvP small scale content. TNW retains only the best PvPs and recruits only players with potential. If recruited players do not live up to TNW standards during the trial period, they will be "demoted" to our semi PvP guilds until they can meet TNW standards.

TNW will only consist of a few players. Quality over quantity, hence the guild members will remain "low".

We will primarily recruit PvPers to TNW directly from our recruitment guild [Legion of Devout].


PvP recruitment guild:

[Legion of Devout]
Guild Leader: HomemadeClay
Discord: https://discord.gg/ZWGywQrMjZ


Legion of Devout (LOD) will be our primary recruitment channel (in a build-up phase). It is in this guild that most players will be recruited. The guild is a mix of new and semi experienced players. They are daily in avalonian roads, fame farming and takin the fights. They have a close bond with TNW and share the main discord for daily interaction in AO and for asking questions regarding FF, PvP or builds.

PvP recruitment guild

[Ethereal Frontier]

Guildleader : Rickk

Discord: https://discord.gg/xjucwaSgWT

Ethereal Frontier [EF] consist of a mixt of PVP oriented players and generalists. Experimenting the boundaries of Albion we band together to PVP, arena, fame farm and laugh together as a group. Active, we prefer small gang content, with a relax and chill environment. 18+ Join us, lets grow this guild together and bring it to the next level.

PvP recruitment guild

[Emerald Raiders]

Guildleader : Edgefixer

Discord: https://discord.gg/tQhnAjCrh4


Emerald Raiders consists of some newer players as well as more experienced players, our main goal right now is to have fun, get people learning and enjoying the game as much as we possibly can, we are covering the PVP and PVE side of things for our members to enjoy the best of both worlds. Emerald Raiders is looking to grow but still stay at a controllable size to maximise the fun we have together.